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The York Waits

Friday 12th December 2008: Christmas Concert by
The York Waits


"Green Groweth the Hollie"


Artist Information:

The York Waits with Deborah Catterall, singer, perform English medieval and renaissance music for the Feast of Christmas.

The York Waits play wide assortment of period instruments including shawms, sackbut, curtal, recorders, flutes, bagpipes, lute, harp, hurdy gurdy and percussion. Their programme explores the rich heritage of seasonal music from the fifteenth century, the court of Henry VIII, sixteenth century Mystery Plays, and the reign of Elizabeth Ist. Some of the more familiar titles include the Coventry carol, Angelus ad Virginem, Thus Angels Sung, by Orlando Gibbons, and the Old Year now away is Fled, to the tune of Greensleeves.

By creating a replica band of waits, not only in their instruments and costumes, but also in their performing style, The York Waits have attempted to remove the music from the rarefied atmosphere of the concert hall and return it to the wider audience for whom it was created.




“The York Waits ... gave a display of consummate discipline and immense breadth...The six gentlemen are renaissance players par excellence... in company with Deborah Catterall's warm, clear soprano, it made an aural - and visual - feast.” - Martin Dreyer, Yorkshire Evening Press.

“The York Waits are a glorious ensemble.” - Parsons, American Record Guide.

"This collection is delightful – a good blend of sprightly dance tunes and more serious works, rendered on a wide variety of instruments.... It all makes for a rich and absorbing experience."Green Man Review , USA .



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